A Rainy Weekend

I’ve been trying to stay consistent with my blogging but my work schedule is getting hectic. Mostly because grades, parent conferences, and report cards are due soon.

But enough about that!

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My Precious!

So Noah has recently entered the “it’s mine!” phase. Like I get it, Noah. It’s yours. No one is taking it away.

Another favorite phase at the moment is also, “stop it!” in many different tones and expressions.

I at first thought babies were hard, but once my baby became a two-year old, months away from being three, I realized that I was wrong.

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Meet and Greet

As I am exploring the bloggosphere a little more I stumbled upon Dream Big Dream often who was doing a meet and greet. It is a good way to meet others!

via Meet and Greet: 2/16/18

Painting Toddler: Messy but Necessary

I’ve learned that toddlers are messy. I’ve also learned that toddlers and painting can be a terrible combination, and truth be told, I tend to dodge the whole finger painting exploration. Especially when I picture my two-year old running around with paint and touching everything around him! Read More

Curly Hair Don’t Care!

Actually there was a time when I cared.

A little over 10 years to be exact.

We all go through our odd stages in life and hating my curly hair was one of them. Read More