Painting Toddler: Messy but Necessary

I’ve learned that toddlers are messy. I’ve also learned that toddlers and painting can be a terrible combination, and truth be told, I tend to dodge the whole finger painting exploration. Especially when I picture my two-year old running around with paint and touching everything around him!But did you know painting is actually good for a toddler’s development?

Physically – 1) it is helping improve their eye coordination, 2) it is strengthening their small and large hand muscles ( crazy, right?!).

Socially – 1) they are learning responsibility by cleaning up after the activity.

Cognitively (academically) – 1) it is a great way for toddlers to learn colors, shapes, and even letters.

Emotionally – 1) it is a good way to distress. Believe it or not toddlers do feel overwhelm, 2) it is a way for them to express their experiences and emotions when they can’t say them ( targeted for preschoolers).

Creatively¬†– 1) there is no right or wrong way, 2) they just do it and it becomes an open field where anything goes, 3) the sky’s the limit and what toddler doesn’t want that?!

Let’s face it. It all sounds great and dandy, right? And you know that when your toddler enters preschool they will be ahead of the game. And chances are you’ll be their teacher’s hero because you planned ahead. Yay!

But the mess…


And like I said, I get it. And even with all these benefits I too was avoiding it. That is until I found this:


Picture directly from Amazon

Temper paint on a stick! Actually, I learned about them through a fellow teacher!

And they work.


And Noah is loving them.


And I am happy.


Yes, there is a mess. But, it’s okay because it’s more of a controlled mess. And like I said, toddlers are messy. I just need to accept it and finds way to control my toddlers messiness.

Have you tried painting with your toddler?

And if interested, you can find it here :).

Pencil Grip Kwikstix Thin Stix Solid Tempera Paint, Super Quick Drying, 12 Classic Colors (TPG-608) Paint


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