One Big Step Forward

Or so we hope that’s what it was…

Being working parents can be hard, especially on those days when you want to spend more time with your little ones, because there are times when you feel you truly don’t know them as much as you would like.

This is why Mark and I tend to try, extremely hard to give weekends to Noah. Whether is staying at home and just do nothing or actually going out and explore our little Los Angeles.

This past weekend we took an impromptu trip to Torrance. At first it was because Mark wanted to check a sale and we kind of thought it would be a good opportunity to explore that side of town too.

Fortunately, Mark’s brother and sister-in law live in the area so it became a good opportunity to spend time with them.



We definitely visited a few Asian markets (we where on a hunt for surprise eggs), and had little luck. That is until we visited a candy store. Ah, to be a parent…


But the biggest, most EXTRAORDINARY, part of the day was when Noah actually went potty at a Nordstrom restroom.

That’s huge!

As most toddlers, he too was afraid of the outdoor toilet. I believe it’s because of how the flushing sound echoes in the restroom.

But he did it.

He went.

And after he was all done I shared a chanting mantra with him. Something like…

“I’m not afraid of the toilet! I’m not!” (kicks toilet)

It’s a start and he’ll say it every now and then

Now this is the first time he went potty in a public place and I’m not sure if he’ll go again.

But to us, it was a huge step forward. 🙂

How long did your toddler take to potty train?

torr 5




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