My Precious!

So Noah has recently entered the “it’s mine!” phase. Like I get it, Noah. It’s yours. No one is taking it away.

Another favorite phase at the moment is also, “stop it!” in many different tones and expressions.

I at first thought babies were hard, but once my baby became a two-year old, months away from being three, I realized that I was wrong.

I was terribly wrong.

This past weekend we spent time with Mark’s parents and went out and celebrated my birthday. It was very nice of them to do that!

The day started great.


But after a stroll things turned soured.

You see, Noah’s Uncle Boo bought him the biggest chocolate chip cookie we have ever seen and Noah turned into Gollum.


I am not kidding!

He was all, “it’s mine!” and “my cookie” as the day went by.

It honestly became annoying (a little scary too)  and I had to finally take it away from him, which of course turned into him having a meltdown inside the mall. Eventually, he forgot about it and we went on our merry way.

I think this event wiped everyone out lol.

I truly hope this phase passes soon. I’m not sure how much more of it we can take! And yes, we do talk about sharing and we use the words: share and sharing .

But that went out the window yesterday…

Were you able to survive the Mine Phase?


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