The Incredibles 2

When the first movie came out I was still young. In school. And definitely not worrying about adulting. Of course, because it is Pixar I know that there was a good story behind it.

I recently was able to watch the trailer to The Incredibles 2 and I do look forward to seeing it. However, now I am adulting and have a child to boot, so my perspective is a little different.

I’ll give it to Pixar, from what I can see the second movie focuses on Mrs. Incredible. Aside from being mom she now needs to be a Super too.

To me it seems more like an homage to moms and the many hats they wear. What did make me LOL was that they made fun on common core. I get it, the way math is being taught now is a lot different. They want students to find answers in more than one way. Have them think about it. That cracked me up!

Are you looking forward to the new movie?




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