The Joys of Reading

I see it everyday. Some children love to read. Others don’t. And their writing shows it. Their reading comprehension shows it. Their grades show it.

I’ve been a believer of reading for pleasure since I can remember and I want to pass that down to Noah.

I want him to love reading.

It doesn’t matter if it’s comics, manga, fiction, nonfiction, history, cookbooks, mystery, the list goes on and on. All that matters is that he wants to pick up a  book and just read.

He and I have a routine after work: Arrive home, go to the room, lay down, and read the same Elmo books over and over again.

Yes, after a while I get bored, but I won’t stop reading them.

I want to encourage reading. Not stop it.

So read on my 2-year old. Don’t stop.


Do you have a few books you like?






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