This Week’s Read: Elmo Says Achoo!

This is one of Noah’s favorite books and we are now in stage were he goes, “Achoo!”


When we first started reading this book Noah was more interested in the fact that 1) it was Elmo and 2) it’s Elmo.

Now that he’s getting a little older and is able to stay a little more focus we can read the book three times in a row, per his request of course.

You see, this is a Step Into Reading: Step 1 book so it is not long. It rhymes and the pictures tell most of the story.

However, what I feel makes it a lot more fun for him is that since we’ve read it many, many time, he sort-of has an idea as to what comes next and knows that Elmo says, “Achoo!” So every time “Achoo” comes up that’s his cue to step in and “read.”


So I definitely recommend but ye be warned, your child might like it and might go, “Achoo!”


What are some books you and your toddler read?




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