This Week’s Read: Rosie Revere, Engineer

Let me say this first: This book id not for toddlers.


If you have a daughter of school age, this is for you.

Many of you might be familiar with STEM.

Many of you know that there’s a lack of female engineers and some suggests to encourage your daughter to start young.

If you are one of these parents then this book is for you.

Summary: Rosie Revere has a dream: to be an engineer when she grows up. But she first needs to get pass her insecurities and realize that it’s okay to fail sometimes.

What I Love: The first thing that stood out to me was the fact that she was shy. I’ve had students that tend to be shy yet you talk to their parents and they tell you how that’s not true at home. In Rosie’s case though she is shy because she’s afraid of making mistakes. Not because mistakes happen but because there’s a high chance that someone might laugh at it and I feel this resonates with many children and even adults.

How many times are we afraid to do something because someone might laugh?

So I encourage you to pick up your copy today. So worth it!



Are there any books you are into this week?








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