This Week’s Read: Iggy Peck, Architect

I truly enjoyed Rosie Revere, Engineer and I wanted to know if the author had more stories like Rosie’s.

After all, Rosie’s story can be inspiring with both boys and girls and she does. She has a few stories!

Feel free to visit her website :). Unfortunately she’s not active on Instagram so that’s a bummer.

So on with our book!

linked to Amazon

Summary: Young Iggy Peck is a builder and he’s been one since the ripe age of two. He finally hits an obstacle in 2nd grade, his teacher Miss Lila Greer.

What I Love: I love that young Iggy Peck is very creative with his building material. At the age of two he built a tower out of diapers, dirty diapers! I can see children laughing so hard at this part, which I feel would be a hook for the rest of the story. To be honest, I chuckled a bit at this too, more from a mom perspective.

The rest of the book follows young Iggy Peck creating new things until he hits 2nd grade, when his teacher tells him he can’t build anymore and it shows just how her telling him to stop is like making him lose a part of himself. I felt that was touching moment. And it made me think of this: We adults feel we know what’s best for our children but do we really?

This story is all about letting children express themselves no matter how wacky it might get.

Do you have a book you love? Or even a series?



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