Royal Fever Book Reads

It is fair to say that some of us got Royal Fever. This can be very dangerous because it means that you

a) watched the royal wedding

b) read about the royal wedding

c) got curious about the royals

d) all of the above

So I decided that it would be a great opportunity and somewhat fun to share a few weeks that can go with the theme.




You cannot go wrong with any of the Fancy Nancy books. They are a joy to read and make you want to be all fancy.  A good read for every fancy girl.

Brief Summary: Nancy is so fancy and tries to teach her family a thing or two about being fancy, words included.





An old time favorite of mine. This book tugs at my heart! If you are unfamiliar let me tell you.

Brief Summary: A stranded pilot and a little prince bond over the drawing of a sheep.





This is such a cute book!

Brief Summary: Being a princess sounds fun and think of all the adventures you might have, but sometimes being a princess means not having so much fun.




Of course I could not end my list without Pinkalicious!

Brief Summary: Pinkalicious loves all things pink but when she eats one-too-many pink cupcakes she turns pink herself!



Do you have other favorites?




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