Review: There’s A Monster In Your Book

The first book we read from our subscription was There’s a Monster in Your Book and honestly I didn’t know what to think of it. In fact I was a little hesitant because Noah has had issues with “monsters” recently and to top it all off I chose this book!


Author: Tom Fletcher

Illustrator: Greg Abbott

Publishing House: Puffin Books

Summary: There’s A Monster In Your Book is about a monster who is in your book and the only way to get him out of your book is to shake, wiggle, blow, and turn the book this way and that way.

Thoughts: Noah and I enjoyed the book. It’s a hands-on book for toddlers or for anyone really. In order to get the monster out is to do what the book tells you to do and Noah was having a blast with it. I didn’t really think much of interactive books before. It didn’t cross my mind but now I would definitely like to buy more.

I would recommend this book and the illustrations are simple and fun.




One thought on “Review: There’s A Monster In Your Book

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