Opinion: Amazon’s Book Subscription

I recently found out that Amazon has a book subscription box for kids for $23 a month. What’s nifty about this is that you can choose to have books send to you every month, every two months, or every three months.

For us, I feel that every month would be too overwhelming so we decided on the every-two-months deal.

This is how it works:

First, choose the age group

Second, a recommended two books will be given to you.

Third, if unhappy you can switch the books with other recommendations

Last, once satisfy it will be ship to you within two days.


Well, I finally was able to open our box and these two books are the ones we decided on. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Prime I don’t think we would’ve found them.



The downside to this is that it is only for Prime members, so if you’re considering Prime then maybe now is a good time.


What has your experience being with Amazon?


I will be reviewing the books. The one thing I can say is that Noah LOVED them!


Until Next Time,




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